How Can You Connect Multiple Water Storage Tanks Together?

plastic water storage tanks

We can either install a single water storage tank or connect two or more water tanks together for storage purpose. Installing one tank is known to us but how can we install more than one water storage tank and further connect them with each other. We are going to focus on connecting multiple water storage tanks in this blog. Let us begin.

There are two main methods of connecting the tanks with each other.

1. Connecting tanks from the top

In this method, tanks are linked together through the overflow from one tank to another. As the water fills up in the first tank, it overflows into the pipe leading to the inlet of the second tank and so on. The last tank must have an overflow. The opening of the overflow and inlet size should be the same. The first tank should be highest in elevation with each additional tank slightly lower in the series. Make sure to have isolation valve on each tank for a uniform release of water in each tank. Tap all tanks into single connecting pipe below in order to access stored water from all the linked tanks. There are two options to fill the tank in this method.

Open all the valves if you want to fill up all the tanks at the same time. On the other hand, close all valves except the first and open the next in the series if you want to fill tanks individually one after the other. The choice is yours.

2. Connecting tanks at the bottom

In this method, all tanks in the series gets filled and drained at the same level. As water enters the first tank and reaches the pipe link, it flows into the second tank and so on. The biggest advantage of this method is that you only need to tap off water from the first tank or the lowest tank in series. In addition, only one overflow cut is required to do the pipework. The overflow level should be aligned with each other. Make sure to include isolation valves so that if one tank springs a leak, it will not drain all the tanks in the series.

Involve an expert in the process of connecting multiple tanks. One such name is Penguin Tank who will make sure to get your job done at its best.


What Are The Most Common Waterborne Diseases That Can Directly Affect Our Health?

Plastic Water Storage Tank

Waterborne diseases are caused by drinking impure contaminated water. Our water supply is becoming polluted due to harmful chemicals and outside dirt and pollution. Water pollution can affect the mankind directly by consuming or using polluted water. These water pollutants can cause severe illness. Let’s us look at some common illness that is caused due to water pollution.


Cholera is the most common illness due to impure water. It causes dehydration, severe diarrhea and upset stomach due to the bacteria that has formed in the water that we use.

Typhoid Fever

Typhoid is also among the most common diseases of water pollution. It is mainly caused by the ingestion of contaminated food and water. People suffering from typhoid will suffer from a headache, loss of appetite and nausea.


Diarrhea is caused due to bacteria and parasites present in water. It causes frequent passage of watery stools that can cause dehydration and sometimes death in children and infants.

Gastric Flu

Gastric flu is mainly caused by calicivirus causing diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, cramps, and fever. It is not only caused by the virus but includes other reasons too. A good personal hygiene is a must to prevent this disorder apart from continuing pure water.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A affects the liver. The common symptoms include abdominal pain, fatigue fever, nausea, jaundice, weight loss, and depression.


Malaria is caused by parasites from female mosquitoes. These mosquitoes breed in water and can spread the infection when biting a person. The common symptoms include fever, headache, and shivering.

Lead Poisoning

Water contaminated though lead from old pipes causes lead poisoning. The common symptoms include anemia, high blood pressure, kidney disease, reproductive disorders and nervous system disorders. Change water pipes regularly to prevent this dangerous situation.


Polio is caused by a viral infection spreading through the fecal-oral route. The common symptoms include weakness followed by paralysis. It mostly affects infants and children.

Eye Infection

Washing eyes or coming in close contact with contaminated water can spread an infection to the eye that can lead to blindness.


Infections from water impact the health of HIV/AIDS patients more often as they have a weaker immune system. It is important to maintain a good hygiene to prevent the infection from an impure water.

Therefore, it is necessary to buy high-quality water tanks for storing water and clean it at regular intervals. This is the best way to stop the growth of algae which is harmful to us.

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Know the important facts about Plastic Water Tanks

Plastic water tank in India is widely used for different household and commercial purposes. There is a common question that we come across for a plastic water tank which is the purity of water. This is quite obvious as we are using water in our daily use for different purposes. There are many advantages of using a plastic water tank which confirms the safety and purity of water in these poly tanks.

Let us take a look at these below

  • Plastic water tanks are stylish and versatile. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colors with different possibilities to install. So many varieties make it possible to select one of your choices. Colored water tanks look trendy and fashionable and enhance the overall look of the entire building from outside.
  • These tanks can be used both under ground and above ground. Therefore, there is no limitation for its use and it’s suitable for multiple uses. The common ones include drinking water, rainwater harvesting and collection, emergency backup for home water storage, fire protection and irrigation.
  • Plastic water tanks are light in weight. Therefore, it becomes easier to move, transport and install these tanks.
  • Poly tanks are cost-effective than others such as metal tanks but highly durable at the same time.
  • These tanks can be recycled at the end of its life cycle. So, it is environment-friendly and keeps the earth clean and green.
  • Poly tanks are strong and can withstand harsh climate conditions whether it’s extremely cold or hot outside.
  • Poly water tanks are made of high-quality LLDPE material and are considered safe for human consumption.
  • The use of Threaded Lids is an additional advantage in these water tanks. Threaded lids are airtight lids which keep the water germ free and safe for drinking purpose.
  • The multi-layered or foam tanks protect the water tank from the harsh UV rays of the sun as these are UV stabilized tanks. UV stabilizers prevent the growth of algae in the tank.

The next time when you are considering to buy a water tank, go with the plastic water tanks. They are 100% safe and water stored in these tanks are pure for human consumption. It becomes easier to make a choice when all the facts are clear about an essential product such as a water tank. Clean and safe water is the key to lead a healthy life.


Make a Style Statement with Loft Water Tanks in the New Year!

Loft water tanks are the best type of water tanks for indoor use where there is a limited space. As the name suggests that these water tanks are meant to be installed in the lofts above the kitchen or other areas of the house. These water tanks are the best for modern housing construction, especially in urban areas. These tanks can be used for different household purposes. They come in stylish designs rectangular in shape so that it can fit in the loft easily and some space should be left for cleaning of these tanks. These tanks are 100% plastic and made of LLDPE high-quality material. It is completely safe for drinking and other purposes.

Penguin Tank is one of the best manufacturers of water tanks in West Bengal. They manufacture stylish loft tanks. These loft tanks are multi-layered tanks and therefore saves water from the growth of algae and other bacteria. In addition, the use of threaded lids keeps the water clean and drinkable. The water remains cool as these tanks are not directly exposed to the sunlight. There are different sizes of the tanks ranging from 275 to 500 cms in capacity.

These tanks are not restricted to only household uses but they can be used for commercial purpose as well. These are quality tested ISO certified tanks available at an economical cost without any compromise on the quality. Different factories and commercial establishments are also making use of loft tanks widely at present.

It looks attractive as the rectangular shaped design stands out and add to the entire look of the area. It is completely leak proof and light in weight. Therefore, installation requires less effort and the maintenance of these tanks is simple. It can be self-cleaned easily.

One product with so many excellent features is definitely worth a try. We are heading towards a new year and this is the best time to invest in this brand new concept of loft tanks. We can start with a new year resolution of keeping our water healthy for a better life ahead. Let’s bring good health and happiness to our family this new year by installing a brand new loft tank. Give a new and healthy start this year by storing water in loft tanks.


Plastic, Steel, Fiberglass & Concrete Water Tanks- Which One Is The Best?

Water tanks are available in different materials ranging from plastic, galvanized steel, fiberglass, and concrete. Water tanks act as reservoirs and it is mainly used to store water for times of need. There are hundreds of water tank manufacturers across India. Always choose a water tank manufacturer who offers a high quality guaranteed tanks. Water tanks are made up of different materials. Let us take a look at the popular ones in detail.

Plastic Tanks:

Plastic tanks also are known as polyethylene or poly tanks are the most popular one. They come in a wide variety of sizes with a few hundred liters to 50000 liters capacity and different colors including blue, yellow, green, orange and beige. This type is usually kept on the terrace. They are made with rotational molding process and therefore can take any shape. It is a non-corrosive and UV resistant that makes it last longer. They are lightweight and easy to handle. They are easy to manufacture as made in one single piece. Plastic tanks can be recycled when not in use.

Steel Tanks:

Steel tanks also known as galvanized steel tanks is the oldest form of tanks manufactured in India. This type is not resistant to corrosion and may leech with time. Also, the polymer used in plastic coated steel is not UV resistant which can lead to algae growth with a continuous exposure to sunlight. This is the most expensive type of tank and heavy in weight. Therefore it is not as easy as a plastic tank to install. The size range is beyond 700000 liters. They are also not used undergrounds.

Fiberglass Tanks:

Fiberglass tanks are also known as Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic(GFRP) are manufactured with food grade coating inside the same. It is stiff and brittle in nature and therefore more prone to cracking and leaking. These tanks are durable and temperature resistant and therefore do not rust or corrode easily. In order to avoid this, the tanks are mostly painted black outside or inside. It can be installed both above ground or underground. Its size varies range to beyond 110000 liters.

Concrete Tanks:

Concrete water tanks are strong and long-lasting. They very heavy and therefore difficult to handle. It is mostly installed underground, however, smaller tanks are available for above ground. Cracking and leaking are common in these tanks. It exceeds 1 million liters in capacity. They keep water cooler if placed above ground and less prone to algae growth.

Combining both the advantages and disadvantages of all four, plastic tanks stands tall in front for sure.


Things To Consider Before Installing A Polyethylene Water Tank!

Plastic or polyethylene water tanks are available in a large variety all over India. These tanks are UV stabilized and thus have a long serviceable life. They are also economical and recyclable. When you buy a tank, you make sure that you have selected one that is going to last longer. There are lots of important points to be considered before installing a new water tank.

Use Of The Tank:

The first and foremost thing to understand is its use. There are many uses of a tank, mainly for household purposes like cooking and drinking, washing or sanitary uses, irrigation, farming or firewater. Depending upon its use, the selection has to be made. Different Tanks are available for the different purpose.

Size Of The Tank:

There is no shortage of size options when it comes to water tanks. For example for smaller places, a small-sized diameter tank will do. But for the use of irrigation, a much larger capacity tank will be required.

The Position Of The Tank:

The position of the tank is another important factor so that it runs smoothly and easy to maintain. It is observed that a tank is always placed at the higher most point of the property. The highest point is an ideal place for its installation but again it depends on the source of water.

How Much Water Is To Be Used:

The next important thing is how much water you require on a daily, weekly or annual basis. Depending upon the use as already mentioned above like if using for household purpose then enough water to be stored for a dry day and they should be refilled during a rainy season. The water should be stored in the tank according to the need.

Source Of Water To Fill The Tank:

How do you fill your tank or what is the source of water? The main ones are groundwater, rainwater, dam or river. The different sources require different placements of tanks which the manufacturer can suggest as per your requirement.

Electricity, Pumps & Pipes Usage:

There are other important that make a tank work. These are the electricity, pumps, pipes, taps and other fittings that help in filling up the water. All these need to be set up beforehand to avoid any complication while installation.

It can be said that all the above-mentioned points are interrelated to each other. It is best to consult the manufacturer according to your requirement as they can guide you in the best possible manner.


Black Water Plastic Storage Tanks Prevents Algae Growth!

Water is life. Every individual requires around 30 to 50 liters of clean water for drinking, cooking or sanitary and other related uses. Polluted water is dirty and deadly at the same time. Safe water storage is essential for a healthy life. The different purpose of water storage tanks is water for drinking, food preparation, irrigation, sanitary use, farming and many others. Plastic water storage tanks come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Initially, black was the only color used for water storage tanks. Today, a variety of colors are available depending upon the requirement. All the colors are usually aesthetic Plastic is not opaque. The light will easily pass through the transparent plastic if the tank is not black resulting in algae growth. Algae and other bacteria are light sensitive. A black body absorbs radiant heat and does not allow light to reach water stored inside.

Choosing the right color is also important that blends with the environment and climatic conditions. Climate varies in different regions. Therefore, selection of color depends hugely upon the weather of that particular area whether it is too warm, too cold or neutral. Black is a combination of all colors and, therefore, goes well with all combinations. It blocks maximum light. But this does not limit the use of different colors. Nowadays more than 15 shades are available in the tank world and the most common ones used amongst them are green, orange, blue, violet, white, and metallic steel color. These colors allow to complement your house or wherever installed along with the surrounding environment.

It is also important to consider the location of the tank while selecting its color. Mostly, black is used for overhead tanks. It is recommended to use lighter colors if using water straight from the tank such as white or blue. Black coloration of water tanks also prevents other additives that may be present in the plastic to make it stronger or more beneficial. In addition, black ones outperform others in case of plastic taste that might impure water. In case of water which is used for washing clothes or bathing, black tanks make the water warm naturally and hence it saves energy. You get warm water from the tap naturally and you conserve energy in an indirect way.

It can be concluded by saying that black color water tanks have certain benefits over the other colors but it does not mean that other colors should be ignored. The color selection should be done on the basis of the purpose and location of the tank.


Are Plastic Water Tanks Safe For Drinking Water?

Water tanks come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. Plastic, steel, fiberglass, stone, and concrete are some popular types of water tanks being used by a majority of people. Water tanks are an efficient way to store clean water for drinking and storage purposes. The use of plastic water storage tanks has grown immensely over the last few decades because it has been marked absolutely safe. These are made from a durable polyethylene material which offers high resistance to rust and corrosion for a longer use.


Some advantages of plastic water tanks are as follows:

  • Flexible capacity

  • Durability

  • UV Stabilised for sunlight resistance

  • Cost-effective

  • Easy to install and transport

  • High resistance to rust and corrosion

  • A wide range of colors including dark colors for Outdoor protection

  • strong and lightweight

  • variety of styles and shapes due to the flexibility of plastic

  • Recyclable and reusable

Poly tanks have gained popularity over other types and are being used by maximum consumers recently. Water quality is pure in case of poly water tanks as it manufactured from food grade polyethylene. Penguin tanks specialize in poly tanks and provide the best quality water tanks.

Water is life. Hence, one cannot compromise with the quality of water that we are consuming. A properly maintained water tank provides good quality drinking water. On the basis of the above description, plastic water tanks are definitely safe but every tank has a life. Some points should be taken into consideration while using these tanks. They are NSF approved and algae free. When excess sunlight beams on the wall of the plastic water tank, it causes the growth of algae. But good quality water tanks are manufactured with algae resistant material. Algae can make you feel sick. When algae grow in plastic water tanks, you cannot drink from them. It is advisable to change the tank every 8 to 10 years. The tank should be cleaned regularly preferably 3 to 4 times in a year in order to minimise the accumulation of waste and algae growth.

Therefore, plastic water tanks are absolutely safe for drinking water if it satisfies the above criteria are met. We can also refer to water purifiers now- days a popular brand like Aquaguard, they are also made up of good quality plastics and are being used widely.

So, say Yes to Plastic Water Tanks.


Benefits To Buy a Rotomolding Water Tank

There are many benefits of purchasing rational molding water tank compared to other plastic molding tank. Many times, you might have experienced goods such as plastic jars or containers, playing balls, toys etc. gets loosen or separated from the other part of its body. This incident happens when the production of this things are made dividedly and not in a single piece. This is why many water tank manufacturers in India have changed their production method to rotomolding. Rotomolding method of producing water tanks has a lot of benefits, not only for the manufacturers but also for the consumer who buys it. You might be wondering, how would rotomolding water tanks benefit us? Well, the answer to this question is discussed below:

1. No Sharp Edges:

In a rotomolding process, the tanks are produced into a single piece which requires no partly manufacturing and merging of different parts to create one. Usually, this merge area remains sharp when few manufacturer avoids finishing it as also it requires a lot of effort.

2. No Uneven Surface:

In blow molding, there are possibilities of a product to be less sturdy with an uneven surface area. Whereas, in the case of a rotomolding, tanks are stronger with an even surface.

3. Longer Durability:

As mentioned in the above point, rational molding tanks are way stronger than that of the blow molding tanks and also that, its strength is approved by the various tank manufacturers across the globe.

4. No Leakages From Joint:

As rotomolding tanks do not involve any merges of the different part to construct them all into a single piece, it has no section joints, as a result, there will be no chances of joint leakage or breakage.

5. Cost Effective:

Manufactures has confirmed that cost of production for producing rational molding plastic tanks are really effective. It requires lesser time, lesser money, lesser man force and also lesser efforts. This benefits to manufacturer benefit us a relaxation in the cost price. As they expend less, we pay less.

Whenever we intend to expend money on sometime we consider benefits of the product from various angles. Thus, these benefits should be considered as a factor along with the other factors such as size, weight, color, mass etc. while purchasing a plastic water storage tank.

Therefore, the above-mentioned benefits may not sound effecting while reading but in the time of purchasing, it is definitely going to bother you.


How To Keep Water In Tank Algae Free

We, humans, are dependent upon water for our daily usage purposes. This makes having a water storage tank compulsory for everyday use. Let it be a domestic or commercial water storage tank, having one ease out several aspects of our lives. However, its proper maintenance is quite important for its effective function in a long time.


Having algal growth inside of a commercial water storage tank is one of the main concerns every individual come across while getting them installed. The algal growth has the and in no time, the water stored inside will become unfit for usage.

This problem is more prevalent in the commercial water tanks as compared to the domestic water tanks. Mainly, it happens because the domestic water tans are more frequently cleaned than the one that stays dysfunctional during weeks ends.

However, by following these two simple guidelines, one can keep the water fresh and healthy for a long time.

1. Going For An Opaque Water Tank.

Algae needs sunlight in order to photosynthesize and having a semi-transparent tank provides the optimal conditions for the same. Thus getting a solid colored, opaque water tank will be more helpful in this regard.

The opaque tank will block entry of any sunrays into the tank, thereby serving its purpose of keeping the water healthy and algae free.

2. Using Taps Frequently

Using the water pipes more frequently also helps in this regards. Each time, the taps are opened for use, the water gets released from the tank and thereby it causes a disturbance inside the water tank. This continuity of water movement ensures its flow. And algae cannot boom in a moving water bod, as it requires stagnancy for its growth and multiplication.

Thus, by following these two simple tricks, you can keep your water supply, clean and fresh. Ans since the commercial water storage tank is cleaned and maintained rarely, unlike the domestic water tank, it is always recommended to stick with the above-mentioned factors.

On the brighter side, several water tank manufacturers are nowadays offering water tank with multiple layers. Each of these layers performs a specific task and altogether it forbids the growth of algae inside the tanks. The water storage tanks made with the food grade polymer further ensures the water does not provide an optimal condition for the formation, and blooming of algae.