7 Best Ways To Save Every Drop Of Water Like A Pro


Water is life. Without water, no living organism can survive on this planet. Since water is such an important resource, we need to preserve it like gold. There are several places in India where you will hardly find any domestic water storage tank because access to clean water is still a dream in the dry states of India. Ask the value of water from people who have to walk miles away to get two buckets of water for their sustenance. 

Long story short, do not waste water as everyone’s life depends on it. There are plenty of ways to contribute to water conservation. But for now, here are the 7 best ways you can save every drop of water like a pro. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at all of them quickly.

Fix leaky taps and plumbing pipes at once

This is something very basic to do when you are trying to preserve water. Leaky taps and pipelines waste a lot of water. Hence, repair all the leaky taps and plumbing pipes as soon as possible to avoid water wastage. 

Use water as much as required

Most people do not follow this tip but half of our water problems will be solved if we use water as much as we need. Suppose, if you have the thirst of only half a glass of water then only pour a half glass of water into your glass. You might add more water if your thirst is not quenched. This way, you will preserve water to a great degree.

Use buckets instead of showers

Let’s be old-fashioned and bath from buckets instead of fancy showers as showers waste more water than buckets.

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and shaving

A majority of people avoid doing so but please don’t do that. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and shaving. 

Don’t keep the tap running while washing dishes

Avoid keeping the tap running while washing dishes and only turn it on while rinsing the utensils. 

Avoid playing with water

Tell your children to not play with water as water is a very precious asset. Educate them on how they can contribute to water conservation. 

Consider steaming instead of boiling

Instead of boiling vegetables and meat, consider steaming them. Steaming takes less water than boiling and moreover steaming retains the nutritional content of the veggies and meat compared to boiling. So, make pressure cooker and steamer an integral part of your kitchen. 

Apart from following the above- mentioned ways, save water in a good antibacterial plastic water storage tank to avoid algae growth and water contamination.

6 Tips To Choose A Reliable Plastic Water Storage Tank Manufacturer

6 Tips To Choose A Reliable Plastic Water Storage Tank Manufacturer

Choosing a plastic water storage tank manufacturer takes a lot of consideration. one should be careful while choosing a water tank. But if you choose the company or the manufacturer carefully, you won’t have to be worried about the quality of the tank. Here we have given some tips that will help you choose the manufacturer easily and you will be able to get the best quality of plastic water storage tank. Make sure to check the following mentioned things.

  1. Check whether the brand or the manufacturer you are trying to buy is well-known in your region or not. Always, go for reliable, local products. They tend to provide good after-sale services and installation services for the plastic water storage tank.
  2. Check if your manufacturer provides warranty and guarantee or not. If you are getting a warranty for a year or more than that, then it is best to go for the product.
  3. The next thing you need to check is what kind of manufacturing material is your manufacturer is using to produce the plastic water storage tank. Only go for high-quality food-grade material used to produce the tank. Otherwise, it can be harmful to drinking water from it.
  4. Nowadays a good manufacturer always uses the rotomoulding process to manufacture water tanks with the help of only one piece of plastic. It is the best way to give the tank a seamless finish and to prevent leakage and cracks.
  5. Your tank should be UV protected. A good manufacturer will always use UV protected outside layer for a tank, especially in a four or five-layered tank. If you live in a place with a hot climate this is a must-have for your plastic water storage tank.
  6. You also need to check that your tank has the required valves which are inflow, outflow and overflow. Otherwise, you will need to drill into the tank to make these valve then it can damage the tank. A low quality manufactured tank will not have these valves. So make sure to check these things.

Water is the main source of our life. If the water stored is not healthy, especially if it for drinking, then it can lead to a lot of health problems. Not only that but it should also be environment friendly, as it is our duty to take care of the environment. So, make sure you keep these points in your mind while choosing the manufacturer for your plastic water storage tanks.

This World Environment Day Vow To Conserve Water To Save Our Earth

World Environment Day

Water is very closely related to the environment. Water is also very important to us on a daily basis. Whether it’s the water in the ocean and river or the water in your plastic water storage tank on your roof, all of them are important. This is why conserving water is also important. Here are some reasons why conserving water is helpful to the environment and our Earth as a whole.

It Will Minimize Drought And Water Shortage

One of the most common problems people are facing nowadays is of the shortage of water. This is mainly because of the increase in population and a decrease in the amount of fresh water available on Earth. Rivers, lakes, etc. are all a major part of the environment. But since we keep misusing them, it brings on problems like droughts and water shortages. So, if we stop doing that, these problems will lessen.

It Helps To Reduce Cost

We use water in everyday activities. If we don’t conserve water, then it will eventually lead to a lack of water for all these activities. There will be an inadequate supply of supply which can lead to rising costs. It will also, in turn, reduce the food supplies, increase in health hazards, and various political conflicts.

Saving Water Preserves The Environment As A Whole

Conserving water is a direct way to save the environment. If we reduce the water usage, then the energy required for water supply will be saved too. This means you will be able to conserve fuel resources and reduce pollution.

More Water Will Be Available For Recreational Purposes

Freshwater is not only used for our own needs but also to beautify our surroundings and preserve the environment. If the trees around us don’t get enough water, then it will damage the environment ultimately. So instead of wasting water, use it for watering lawns, trees, flowers, and vegetable gardens, parks, etc.

Build A Beautiful Community And Protect The Environment As A Whole

Whether it’s firefighters, gas cleaners, or hospitals, all of them need a lot of water every day which ultimately serves the community. Reducing your own water wastage can help these services to work better and build a safe community.

All of these build and conserve the environment as a whole. So, on this World Environment Day, vow to yourself that whether it’s water for your drinking from a plastic water storage tank or water to build the community, you won’t misuse it and rather conserve it.

Why You Should Always Go Aboveground Plastic Water Storage Tank?

Plastic Water Storage Tank

Water tank plays a very important role in supplying water. But there are so many various options that one can easily get confused on which method to choose. Not only there are different types of tanks but also where you install it should be decided too very carefully. Here, we are going to tell you why you must choose to install your plastic water storage tank above the ground and not underground.

Easy to install

The installation process can be quite hard and lengthy if you try to install it underground. A place will need to be dug out as per the dimension of the tank. Then the workers will need to put up smooth surfaces from all sides in order to prevent any damage to the tank. Lastly, top of the tank should be covered while leaving some space at the top. An aboveground plastic water storage tank, on the other hand, only needs sufficient space to be installed and it is quite easy to install.

Easy to Maintain

Your plastic water storage tank should be cleaned often. So, if your tank is installed underground, it will become very difficult to maintain it. Draining the water from the tank can be a work in itself let alone cleaning it. But, with aboveground plastic storage tank, you can easily drain the water and clean it.

No Leaching

Leaching can be a quite common problem in an underground water tank, especially if it made of concrete. Concrete, as we all know, is porous in nature and is made up of calcium carbonate. This increases the chances of leaching and makes the water acidic. But, the aboveground plastic water storage tank can even though have the problem of algae, but there will never be any leaching.


Money plays a major role in whatever we decide to invest in. it is quite obvious that an aboveground plastic water storage tank is far more affordable to use. Not only the cost of the tank of an underground water tank is expensive but so is the cost of installation.

Rest assured that plastic water storage tanks are quite durable and last for a very long time. You can easily install it at your home without any problem. So, if you are thinking of buying and installing a tank, choose a plastic water storage tank and install it aboveground.

Some Myths And Facts About Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a practice that has been used for decades. Nowadays more and more people are leaning towards using water collected by rainwater harvesting. But, like everything else, there are some myths regarding rainwater harvesting that concerns people. We are here to bust some of those myths.

Myth 1: Only Barrels Can Be Used To Store Rainwater

This may not have been a myth once, but now it is. There used to be no integrated plumbing systems earlier. But now, even plastic water storage tanks are very useful for storing rainwater. Barrels are only used during the time of droughts or when the water supply is low.

Myth 2: You Cannot Harvest in a Dry Climate

Every once in a while we get a dry climate. But even then we get rain. The amount of rainwater that can be stored even in a dry climate is huge. A 1000 square foot area can collect 600 gallons of water. Even during that time, your plastic water storage tank will be able to provide water from the collection.

Myth 3: You Have to Use the Water Quickly

Have you heard of water getting expired? No right? At least, not if it is being stored in a high-quality plastic water storage tank. It will be able to prevent the water from getting contaminated or stagnated.

Myth 4: You Can’t Use the Water for Anything but Gardening

This is another totally false myth. Rainwater is indeed perfect for gardening but if filtered it can be used for every type of activity.

Myth 5: It’s Not Worth It

It’s totally worth it. Rainwater harvesting can help you in so many ways that, even if installing the system or the tank seems costly, ultimately you will be the one getting the benefits. You will have a lot more water and your water bill will go down.

 Myth 6: It’s the Same as Tap Water

This is another misconception people tend to have. While tap water is known as hard water, rain, on the other hand, is known as soft water. Hard water is the reason why your appliances don’t tend to have much longevity as it builds up lime in them.

So, now that you are free of these myths that stop you from using the rainwater harvesting system, you can start using one. Make sure you store the water collected in a plastic water storage tank as that will give you easy access to your water.



5 Reasons Why Water Tank From Penguin Tank Is A Must-Have

5 Reasons Why you should go for Penguin TnakAre you thinking of buying a plastic water storage tank? You might have seen that once you search the market of any product, there are so many companies selling the same product that it’s very easy to get confused about which one to buy. The same goes for a plastic water storage tank too. So, we are here to make your work easy and give you 5 reasons on why when it comes to a plastic water storage tank, you should go for Penguin tank.

They Have The Title Of Being The Expert

For more than ten years Penguin tank has been making high-quality plastic water storage tanks. They offer the best quality linear low-density plastic water storage tanks in India. They have gained the title of being the expert in their field which is why customers trust them for the quality and durability of the product.

They Only Sell ISO Certified Plastic Water Tanks

Only those plastic water storage tanks are trustworthy which are ISO certified. Penguin Tank is one of them. You can very easily trust their products and their reliability. Water is the most important thing in our life. So, never risk yourself by buying an uncertified tank just to save money. You will end up losing more money when you get sick.

Suitable For All Needs And Budgets

Just because you are buying certified plastic water storage tanks from experts doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money on it. Penguin tanks offer good quality plastic water storage tanks at a very reasonable rate. You can use these for all kinds of domestic and industrial purposes.

They Offer UV Stabilised Water Tanks

Most water tanks are kept in the roof which remains constantly exposed under the sun. The harsh UV rays of the sun can be harmful. It leads to the growth of the bacteria which are not safe for the water. Very soon water becomes contaminated. Penguin tank, therefore, offers tanks that have UV protection to keep the water safe and healthy by preventing the growth of any bacterias.

They Use Threaded Lids In Their Tanks

For people who don’t know, threaded lids are simply airtight lids that are used to close the tank. These airtight lids keep the water clean and germ-free. It resists dust and other particles to enter the tank and therefore keep the water safe. Penguin tank has the same quality threaded lids on their plastic water storage tanks.

So, these are the five reasons why you should buy plastic water storage tanks from Penguin Tank. Hope we were able to help you with your confusion in choosing your water tank.

This Festive Season, Turn Your Home Into An Eco-friendly Dwelling

festive season

As Christmas and New Year are approaching fast, we are sure you are excited and also taking all the effort to decorate your home to surprise your guest this festive season. Let us focus on the easiest steps to make our homes an eco-friendly one.

Get Solar

solostar_1-removebg-previewInstall solar panels and products to minimize the use of electricity and save costs. For example, get solar water heaters and solar panels as they provide clean electricity and water for daily usage. It has become an essential feature for most homes today. It has low benefits – long term investment and a good opportunity to be eco-friendly and turn your home a greener one.

Conserve Water


It is time to get serious about saving water. Some of the best water-saving techniques in our homes include the following: fix leaky faucets, shorten showers, and don’t run the tap while brushing or shaving, don’t pre-rinse dishes, wash clothes in cold water, harvest rainwater, and cook smartly.


recycle food

Compost the leftover food, remains of raw vegetables or fruits such as banana peel, orange peel, pea’s skin, etc. instead of putting it in the bin. This food remains to act as a natural fertilizer for the garden and keep it clean and green. The best way to do it is by placing a compost bin in the garden and fill it with food waste and reuse it.

Recycle everything


Make a habit of recycling every waste such as toilet tissue, kitchen roll, newspaper, broken utensils. Recycle technology such as old mobile phones, gaming consoles, batteries, cars and many more. Most importantly recycle water that comes from the plastic water storage tanks in your house.


Insulate wall

Invest in insulation for your home wherever possible. It will ensure less usage of electrical energy in different areas of the house. Some common areas to insulate are the walls, the roof, windows. Make use of area rugs as much as you can. Well, insulated homes stay warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

Use natural household products

home cleaning

Using harmful chemicals is not advised for the home and environment. Use natural products for home and self-cleaning such as vinegar, bicarbonate soda, and citrus fruits peel and so on. Make a natural face mask at home and apply it to stay naturally beautiful and skin healthy.

Decorate with house plants


House plants are a great way to improve the air quality and the beauty of the home. They add multiple elements of life into your living space and make your home a greener one.

Implement these simple day to day habits in your home and make it more environment-friendly. Penguin Tank, the most popular plastic water tank manufacturer in India is already doing it. Have a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

How Do Domestic Water Tanks Work?

How Do Domestic Water Tanks Work_

We are aware of what a domestic water storage tank is, but how many of us have given it a thought that how does it work. Well, it is pretty interesting to know about an uninterrupted water supply that we get in our homes through domestic water storage tanks. Knowing something that we have not thought of before also adds to our knowledge. Let us understand the basics first.

A water storage tank is a container for holding water for several futures uses such as drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, irrigation, agriculture, industrial manufacturing, fire protection and so on. There are four main types of water tanks – plastic, concrete, steel, and fiberglass. The water tanks come in different sizes and shapes, it could be meant for either above ground or underground installation and indoor or outdoor installation. Amongst these, a plastic water storage tank is the best and the most preferred option today.

The water tank installation requires a lot of calculations and an expert’s guidance to ensure the retention of the tank for many years to come. The tank needs to be in working condition in the long run and it is only possible if the tank is installed properly at the initial stage. Therefore, always take the help of an expert such as Penguin Tank. Penguin tank is the leading commercial and domestic plastic water storage tank manufacturer in India with its base in Durgapur, West Bengal.

Penguin water tanks hold water which is pumped into the tank from the water source, like a well or a reverse osmosis system. The domestic water tank collects water until it is full of different uses throughout day and night. The concrete slab should be 3 inches thick with a diameter of 24 inches larger than the tank for its installation. The tank should properly sit on the slab and in case you want to keep a provision of rainwater collection, the tank will need an overflow tube. One important consideration is always filtered the stored water before drinking it to ensure a safe health condition of yourself and your family.

So, always go with our superior quality domestic water storage tank and get it installed by expert hands for its common functioning in the future.

Maxx 5 Foam Tank: The Main Features Explained

Plastic water storage tank

Maxx 5 foam plastic water storage tank from the house of Penguin Tank is the best tanks introduced so far. This tank is a high-quality plastic water tank with five layers incorporated in it to ensure water safety. With extensive research and development, this tank came into existence and is best describes as ‘The Most Strong and Cool water Tank’. The implemented ‘Sunshield Technology’ is the top definition cover layer and therefore the tank is cent percent UV protected which is extremely important to keep the tank algae free. Since Penguin Tank is a leading manufacturer of the above ground Plastic water storage tank and therefore it is of utmost importance to protect the water tank from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. it is available in three attractive colors including till blue, dark sky blue and bright orange. The five distinct layers include the following:

1. UV Protected Outermost Layer
2. Black Middle Layer
3. Insulated Foam Layer 1
4. Insulated Foam Layer 2
5. Food Grade Inner Layer

These five incorporated layers make this tank a robust and unbreakable polymer construction which is a must buy and real value for money. The special dual foam ensures the double insulation that has got the higher capacity to keep the water cooler even at extreme climatic conditions such as 48-degree celsius. With these extraordinary features, this tank has already become the talk of the town and a huge hit among a large number of consumers. This tank can be installed in any type of property, domestic or commercial, and can be used for both domestic and commercial uses.

Apart from the above, some of the main features of Maxx 5 foam tank includes the following:

• The insulation layers reduce the heating and cooling of the water by maintaining a difference of nearly 15 to 18-degree Celsius. The insulating layers 1 and 2 ensures that lesser energy is utilized for cooling and heating the water.
• The threaded lid design incorporates a new system ensuring airtight closure which prevents the entry of all unwanted objects like dust, dirt, insects, rodents, etc. inside the tank.
• The tanks are manufactured using food grade plastic material and low linear density polyethylene (LLDPE) material. This ensures the safety of water quality and therefore ensures good health.

Do you need more reasons to think as to why should you buy this tank?

Concrete V/S Plastic Water Tanks in India

Concrete V_S Plastic Water Tanks in India

Water tanks are available in different varieties such as plastic, concrete, steel, and fiberglass. Each variety is different from each other holding its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, it also depends upon the purpose of the water tank usage and also the climatic region where the tank needs to be placed. This blog will focus on the two types – plastic and concrete. Let’s get started.

Concrete Water Tanks

Concrete water tanks are the oldest type of water tanks. It is quite strong and long-lasting and comes in a variety of shapes such as rectangular, circular, etc. It is made of reinforced cement concrete or ferrocement. It can last for many years if maintained properly. It keeps water cold and clean, easy to clean and durable. It is heavy in weight and not rust proof. It takes a long time to construct the tank and it requires regular repairs. The presence of light may cause the growth of algae which is not good for consumption and hygienic purposes. It requires more maintenance as it is difficult to clean. These tanks are most often installed underground, however, smaller tanks are available for aboveground installation too. Cracking and leaking are one of the most common complaints suffered by these tanks. These tanks sometimes impart tastes and may leach lime thereby increasing the pH of water.

Plastic Water Tanks

Plastic water tanks are the most popular type of tanks at present. It is light in weight and therefore easy to transport and install. These tanks are leak proof, rust proof, durable, economical and require less maintenance. It is available in circular as well as cubical shape. It can be installed both underground and above ground. It is manufactured using high-density polyethylene material such as LLDPE(linear low-density polyethylene) material. It is leak-proof and watertight. It is economical to buy. When it comes to Penguin plastic water storage tanks, it is infused with UV radiation technology that protects the stored water from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It restricts the growth of algae inside the water tank and keeps the water safe and clean. It comes in a variety of sizes. Plastic loft tanks are also available for indoor installation.

It can be concluded from the above description that plastic water tanks are more in demand than a concrete water tank. Therefore go with the best quality plastic water tank from Penguin Tank in India.